Keeping Track Of Parcels

Keeping track of your parcels, and which ones were sent where, and on which dates, can still be very much a manual affair, with outgoing parcels being logged by hand. However many companies still do not log their outgoing parcels, and I have seen instances whereby a company has been using several parcel carriers, and when a parcel has not arrived at a customers I have seen people phoning all of their parcel carriers to see who had collected it to deliver to the customer! Send Parcels to USA

If this strikes a cord with you, or you have just spent all day on the telephone trying to manually track down a missing urgent parcel, then may be you should think about a more structured system of keeping track of your parcels.

Firstly, as a minimum, you need to log down every outgoing parcel, where it is going, who picked it up to deliver it, and at what time, as well as what time and destination it is due to be dropped off at. This may seem laborious to do manually, but you need to do this as a minimum as a backup tracking system for your parcels.

Doing this alone should help you be able to tell at an instant when any parcel was dispatched and whom it was sent with. This will then enable you to be able to get on the telephone to the correct parcel courier to find out why your parcel has been delayed in transit, and more importantly where it is in transit.

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